[CentOS] CentOS roadmap/EPEL

admin mick at mjhall.org
Wed Jun 25 10:56:37 UTC 2008

There are lots of exciting things happening in the CentOS ecosystem at 
the moment, by which I mean "upstream" or "across stream" in Fedora and 

I'm thinking of projects that equip RH-like EL in general for serious 
entry into the enterprise, things like the Fedora Directory Server, and 
RedHat's Emerging Technologies projects such as Cobbler, FreeIPA and 
Ovirt. Also JBoss middleware.

Will these sort of packages end up in CentOS eventually, or are there 
any major problems installing EPEL packages on CentOS?

I know CentOS is very popular in the web hosting world, but enterprise 
grade directory servers, provisioning servers and virtualisation 
technologies could also see greater take up of CentOS in areas like 
local government and education for example (medium sized but slightly 
cash-challenged organisations).

I suppose this is some kind of roadmap question, or a question about 
using EPEL packages on CentOS. Personally, I'm interested in using these 
"emerging technologies" in the local government environment.

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