[CentOS] 5.2 blues

Sorin at Gmail sorin.srbu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 11:36:27 UTC 2008

Karanbir Singh <> scribbled on Wednesday, June 25, 2008 12:51 PM:

>> Am I the only one to have had a totally trouble-free upgrade to 5.2?? I
>> get the feeling that most everybody seems to have *some* problems...
> well, how it works is that the millions of machines out there where it
> just worked, wont get reported, but if things break people could use a
> helpinghand, or just something to sync with other people who have
> similar problems.
> Going by your take of things, looking at the bugs.centos.org site - one
> might conclude that OhMyGod,NothingWorks,PanicPanicPanic, is there
> anything on this ship that is good!!
> Which would, even if I may say so myself, be quite wrong!
> I think everything is good :D Just a few people run into issues, so they
> report them ( and they should, its what makes us a community! )

You're are right I guess. 8-) Like the other guy said, the ones with problems
are just louder than the rest of us. ;-)

Actually I did panic a bit when yum finished looking for updates and reported
it needed some 300-400MB. I was afarid I'd hit the max on /. Turns out it
worked flawlessly. My mother OTOH, has a 256kbps line down and 300-400M will
take a while to download... She doesn't have any space-constraints though on /
as I had. Win some, lose some...

All in all, CentOS 5.2 seems to work fine. My web server and sshd is still up
and chugging along. I'm happy. 8-)
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