[CentOS] Problem with Full install of 5.2, missing rpm

Tony Molloy tony.molloy at ul.ie
Wed Jun 25 13:14:32 UTC 2008


I did a standard i386 install of 5.2 on a test machine. Then I ran the 
following command

yum  install  \*

and got the following error.

Error: Missing Dependency: pilot-link-devel >= 0.11.8 is needed by package 

Checking my local repo and my usual upstream mirrors for pilot-link-devel it's 
not there.

[root at thomond CentOS]# locate pilot-link-devel | grep centos

As you can see from the above pilot-link-devel is present in both i386 and 
x86_64 repos for 5.1 but only in the x86_64 repo for 5.2

It's not really a problem I can just leave out gnome-pilot-devel.

Is this an oversight or is it deliberate.

Thanks for all the good work. Now to get on to my rack of PE2950's



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