[CentOS] What torrent are y'all using?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at mac.com
Wed Jun 25 18:57:11 UTC 2008

My ISP caps bt to ~ 20K/s - I'm seeing about half of that right now.
When 5.1 shipped, I saw the full 20K/s within a few minutes of starting 
the client.

Sorin Srbu wrote:
> I got mine down at 10-12Mbps at work, and nearly as fast at home. And that was
> yesterday when supposedly everybody and their dogs were downloading 5.2. OTOH,
> that might be why it went so fast... 8-)
> Are you sure your ISP doesn't cap/stop/whatever p2p generally? If you are,
> what kind of settings have you set in your bt-client? What bt-client are you
> using? What bandwidth do you have access to?
> In any case, I usually seed mine more or less indefinitely.

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