[CentOS] Automatic site selection for dowload

tech tech at laamail.com
Fri Jun 27 04:15:40 UTC 2008

I would like to ask that more flexibility be built into automatically 
choosing sites for downloading.

I have just upgraded to CentOS 5.2. When I look for a mirror, I get many 
choices from Taiwan. Since I am in Hong Kong this makes sense 
geographically but ....  not in terms of bandwidth.

Although Taiwan is very close, it is almost the slowest connection I can 
make. Some .jp sites are good but I find .sg or the US is usually best.

This morning I tried to update to the new kernel (92.1.6). My system 
seemed to die during the download. After some investigation, I found 
that Yum et al is being defaulted to .tw sites. (base, updates, add ons 
all go to .tw.) I have now been sitting at base primary.xml.gz for over 
15 minutes and am only about 50% done.

Is it possible when deciding these default sites to look at actual 
bandwidth and not just geographical closeness?


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