[CentOS] Wheel and YUM!!

centos at atempleton.net centos at atempleton.net
Fri Jun 27 05:17:44 UTC 2008

On Thursday 26 June 2008 10:51:18 pm Harry Sukumar wrote:
> Dear All

> But even after adding him to wheel, sys and adm group he is unable to
> install using yum

Ok, I'm new to CentOS and yum, but it seems to me that installing software 
would need to have write permission to all the directories that the software 
installs to. This could include directories in /sbin /bin /usr /lib /etc...  
If you want to do all using group, it would seem to me you would need to have 
the directories where software, libraries and configuration files install to 
all in the same group as yum unless you are using setuid. 

I would suggest using sudo to allow the user to run the command yum with root 
ownership using his own password. You then would not have to worry about 
setuid and groups... 

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