[CentOS] nfs cannot see mount points on other machine

Kai Schaetzl maillists at conactive.com
Fri Jun 27 10:32:57 UTC 2008

Jason Pyeron wrote on Thu, 26 Jun 2008 18:03:49 -0400:

> Any ideas what the "dangerous" inode confusion is about? Is it relevant today?

I have no idea. I think the proposed problem is that the client doesn't know 
that it's traversing filesystems, so, the same inode number on filesystem / and 
/b is each time the inode number on /. I have no idea if this can actually 
happen or how this is worked out or if it is still a problem.
But I think the way it is now by default is not a good solution. As I wrote you 
can work and copy to these faked folders and they disappear and reappear with 
mounting although they are actually somewhere on the local filesystem. It looks 
like the mounting creates a local directory listing that is only available when 
it's mounted. The way it works without nohide is really able to trick you to 
think you are writing to the remote side, but you aren't. I think this is 
dangerous. They should indeed have *hidden* those folders instead of faking 
them. The talk about "hidden" is wrong in my eyes. They do not hide they pretend 
things that are not there.
>From that perspective I think using nohide is the better option. But I don't 
know if that "inode problem" could really hit or not. I haven't seen it so far.

I think what would be a bad idea is to cross-mount the nfs shares themselves, 
but this is prevented unless you explicitely export them.


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