[CentOS] How to enable SHA1 passwords after migration from OpenSUSE?

Papalagi Pakeha papalagi.pakeha at gmail.com
Fri Jun 27 14:29:24 UTC 2008

On Sat, Jun 28, 2008 at 1:55 AM, Tim Verhoeven
<tim.verhoeven.be at gmail.com> wrote:
> First, are you running 5.2 or a older version ? If it is a older
> version, first upgrade to 5.2.
> Then read http://www.centos.org/docs/5/html/release-notes/as-amd64/RELEASE-NOTES-U2-x86_64-en.html#id2914967
> and the section about SHA passwords.

As pointed out by Andreas the current passwords are
Blowfish-encrypted, not SHA as I thought. Therefore the new SHA
support in 5.2 won't help me at all. Looks like I'll have to recompile
pam-unix2 from source :-(


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