[CentOS] Torrent sharing question

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Fri Jun 27 15:00:44 UTC 2008

John Bowden wrote:
> Hi Folks.
> Just a quick question. I have been sharing CenOS 5.0 and 5.1 since I down
> loaded them. Now we are on to 5.2 is it still worth sharing them or can I
> archive them to DVD and save some hard drive space?
> Regards John

We normally drop the torrents from the tracker around the time a new 
version is released so you should as well. Do you even see any traffic 
on these older torrents ?

By the way,  I think we ( as a community ) should strongly discurage 
people from installing older software specially since the older stuff 
now has known and published widely bug's and potentially remote security 
issues. Ofcourse there are people who will, due to whatever reason, 
still want to get out there and install an older version - they are 
welcome to use the vault.centos.org machines.

- KB

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