[CentOS] Clamd not working

Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 27 17:43:06 UTC 2008

Earlier this month I reported a problem in that ClamTK couldn't virus-scan a 
file.  This was cured by following the dev's instructions
If you open up a terminal window and type "ls /var/clamav" (without
quotes of course), I'm betting you'll see a variety of files and/or
directories in there. If you're up for it, as root type
rm /var/clamav/* -rf
which will remove all the signatures. Don't worry, you'll get them
back in the next step. As root, type
freshclam -v
And that will download all the necessary signatures again.

At that point I thought all was well - until I had to reboot, when I found 
that it hung with a message (from memory) 'self-checking 1800'.  Using 
Interactive boot I discovered that it came from clamd.

I'm guessing that daily.cld  main.cld  and mirrors.dat are being sought 
somewhere other than /var/clamav.  Maybe a symlink is required?  If someone 
with a working clamd could advise me I'd be most grateful.  For now I have 
had to chkconfig clamd off.


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