[CentOS] New yum search behavior is awful/useless

Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Sat Jun 28 23:04:21 UTC 2008

Brian wrote:
> On Sat, June 28, 2008 2:02 pm, AnneWilson wrote:
>> Just type 'yum' without parameters, to get a list of possibilities.  I
>> think 'yum list' may be what you are looking for.  (I don't have Fedora or
>> CentOS on this laptop so I can't check.)

No CentOS or Fedora ... is there any other OS out there besides these 
two???  I have heard rumors of others, but I don't believe it  :D

> Or
> yum provides <package name or string>

One new behavior is important ... if you are looking for a file name 
that is part of a string, you have to use wildcards:

yum provides libkholidays.so

(this give NOTHING)

yum provides \*libkholidays.so


yum provides '*libkholidays.so'

those will return the answer of: "kdepim.i386 : PIM (Personal 
Information Manager) for KDE"

Please remember, we DO NOT WRITE this stuff, we just build it to work 
the same as upstream :D

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