[CentOS] spam filtering with centos 5.2

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Jun 29 06:59:38 UTC 2008

In the past I've used a combination of spamhaus combined RBL's and 
Spamassassin with Mailscanner as my spam recipe, but this stopped 
working very well for me well over a year ago.   As many of the users of 
the couple small/personal mail servers I run are NOT technical people, 
and use POP to read their mail, 'training' spamassassin is difficult at 
best.  Once upon a time, using the Rules Du Jour scripts from the SARES 
project worked pretty well, but that has been shut down, and really 
hasn't been functional in over a year.

I've just rebuilt a friends mail server with centos 5.2 (it was running 
FC3 or something before) and would like to setup them up with a decent 
anti-spam recipe that doesn't require extensive tinkering or training.  

does anyone have a good recipe for this?   Ideally I'd like something 
purely RPM based that doesn't require extensive configuration and 
tuning.     I've never setup razor before, how well does that work if 
the mail users aren't in a position to feed it training data?

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