[CentOS] settings up cheap a NAS / SAN server, is it possible?

John R Pierce pierce at hogranch.com
Sun Jun 29 19:33:07 UTC 2008

Rudi Ahlers wrote:
> Hi all
> I want to look at setting up a simple / cheap SAN / NAS server using 
> normal PIV motherboard, 2GB (or even more) RAM, Core 2 Duo CPU 
> (probably a Intel 6700 / 6750 / 6800) & some SATA HDD's (4 or 6x 320GB 
> - 750GB). My budget is limited, so I can't afford a pre-built NAS device.
> Can this be done with CentOS? I've been looking FreeNAS (which is 
> built on FreeBSD), and it look like a great project, but since the 
> hardware support in FreeBSD is limit, I'd rather use Linux for it.
> Has anyone done this? If so, please share a bit in your experiences :)

probably a /little/ expensive but not excessively so, you might check 
out the Intel 2U 'kit' servers, like
specifically, the SR2500LX configuration, this is a 2U rack server with 
6 SAS/SATA bays using the S5000PAL motherboard, the base kit is about 
$1300, you add a CPU like an E5205 ($200), RAM to suit (up to 32GB ECC 
FBDRAM, $200 for 4GB), and drives.  

of course, if this is for HOME use, a rack mount server is probably NOT 
a good idea, they tend to be quite noisy.

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