[CentOS] 3ware performance in CentOS

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Mon Jun 30 18:10:34 UTC 2008

Jim Perrin wrote:
> Nope. This is just a long-standing performance thing. You can tune
> ext3 to perform better, but on a 3ware card xfs will win, hands down.

Well, after performing more mental ruminations on this subject, 
restoring the database in case of a crash might be a pain, so I may have 
to avoid XFS in this particular case.

Can somebody recommend a RAID card, about the same price range like the 
3ware 9650SE, and with similar features, 8 SATA ports or more, that 
works well with CentOS 5 and does not have the Ext3 performance bug?

There's a bunch of cards out there, but I'd like to hear from someone 
with first-hand experience with one of them.

Florin Andrei


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