[CentOS] Graphical frontend for gphoto2? (Handling photo cameras in XFCE)

Wed Mar 12 07:31:40 UTC 2008
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>


I'm using CentOS 5.1 with the latest XFCE-4.4 desktop. I try to stick as 
much as possible to the UNIX tools philosophy, one app per task. For 
viewing images, I installed GQView. But right now, I wonder what I could 
probably use for handling photo imports from digital cameras. GThumb 
tends to be very unmodular, e. g. drawing in many GNOME dependencies, 
and besides that, I already have an image browser, so I don't need 
another one.

Under Slackware, I've been using GTKam, a simple GTK frontend to 
gphoto2, which did the job just fine. But I'm surprised to find it 
nowhere, not in RPMForge, not in FreshRPMs. All I can find on the web is 
a few stale .spec files on some obscure SVN repos. Well, I can always 
try to grab one of these, and see if I can manage to build an RPM from 
the "latest" version: 0.1.14, dating from december 2006. Which makes me 
wonder whether this piece of software is perfect or abandoned...

Before launching into building GTKam on my own, I'd like to ask: what 
graphical frontends for digital cameras can you use *besides* GThumb and 
Digikam (that is: if you're using neither GNOME nor KDE)? Is there some 
obscure GIMP plugin that I might have overseen?