[CentOS] internal messages problem with postfix

Mon Mar 17 10:14:35 UTC 2008
Mufit Eribol <hme at onart.com.tr>


After a server crash, I re-installed postfix, cyrus-imapd, amavisd-new, 
spamassassin on a Centos 5.1 box. But, now mail system behaves somewhat 

There is no problem with mail receiving/sending from/to internet.

Before the crash, mail system used to sent internal messages to 
root at example.com. But now, I can't receive internal messages as it tries 
to send them to root at server.example.com. I used the same postfix, 
cyrus-imapd, amavisd-new, /etc/aliases conf files from the previous setup.

Must be a configuration issue I overlook. Could anybody please tell me 
what to check?

Best wishes,

mydomain = example.com
myhostname = server.example.com
mydestination = example.com ...

$mydomain = 'example.com';
$myhostname = 'server.example.com';