[CentOS] Samba Fstab and Automount

Fri Mar 21 13:24:30 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>


//machine_name/SAN /mnt/SAN cifs defaults 0 0

[root at machine_name SAN]# mount -a
mount error 13 = Permission denied

Problem is there is no password to the smb server. Why am I getting a
password prompt when the share has full RW access and all access is
granted on the share? Note, though the share is fully visable and
accessable and writeable by just browsing the network.
Ok, now next up is automount. The Samba share will not auto mount on
client either.

/mnt/SAN /etc/auto.SAN

machine_name -fstype=cifs,rw ://machine_name/SAN/
Anyone see anything wrong with the configuration? I also read the How To
on the Wiki and no luck on doing the auto.smb.top and auto.smb.sub
configuration? Any ideas what maybe going on? Thanks in advance for any
help on this.

Also this is posted in the Networking and Harware Forum on the
centos.org Forums and No answer.

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