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Sun Mar 2 20:30:52 UTC 2008
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Sun, Mar 02, 2008, Fred Kienker wrote:
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>> From: Bill Campbell [mailto:centos at celestial.com] 
>> We use HylaFAX for all our incoming and outgoing fax, with 
>> Multitech external modems.  I've always avoided any internal 
>> modems as it's kinda hard to reset a wedged internal modem 
>> without rebooting the machine.
>What Multitech external modem(s) do you recommend using with HylaFax?

We're currently using the MT5634ZBA externals which work very
well.  They do not support the fancier caller-id features that
some of the more expensive Multitechs do so HylaFAX cannot route
incoming faxes based on the calling number.  I put that in the
nice-to-have category, and isn't critical to our operations.

I have also used their MT2834ZDX, but had some flow control
problems which caused us to move to the MT5634ZBA.

I have done extensive testing on modems from many manufacturers,
and the only ones I've found that have been really reliable are
the Multitechs and Telebits (I still have three Worldblazers and
a couple of Trailblazers sitting on the shelf from our old dialup
uucp days).

Our setup here has a channel bank with incoming voice and data on
a single T1 so we are digital to that point, with the Multitechs
plugged into POTS ports off of an RJ-21 connector to a patch panel.

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