[CentOS] Re: 5.0 -> 5.1

Wed Mar 5 20:10:57 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 3-5-2008 11:20 AM Les Mikesell spake the following:
> MHR wrote:
>>>> If you've been running yum update, you're already at 5.1. You may just
>>>> need to reboot to load the new kernel.
>>>    Nope, I don't run yum.  I do manual updates.  So I've rsynced the
>>> updates to a local drives, and then ran rpm against them.  There's
>>> something about running un-attended updates on a life system.  I've had
>>> too many cases where I come into the office in the morning and the
>>> system is dead because of some update overnight.
>> Fascinating - I've always had to run yum manually, and I've never seen
>> an overnight update on my system.
>> Are you sure you don't have rogue administrators sneaking in at night
>> and 'yup'ing?
>> (Okay, that wasn't a serious suggestion, but your issue seems kind of
>> strange...)
>> Just my $0.02.
> Yes, aside from being able to run yum manually while still letting it do 
> all the work, when has anyone seen a Centos system die from an update? I 
> know it's theoretically possible and I baby-sit the critical systems too 
> (at least the first on each hardware type), but this stuff is pretty 
> well tested before being pushed out.
While I haven't seen an entire system go down from an update, I have seen 
software stop working due to a perl module update. But to be fair, that also 
involved a third-party repo.

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