[CentOS] Colors in vi for user rootRe:

Fri Mar 7 15:25:28 UTC 2008
Erek Dyskant <erek at blumenthals.com>

> This was discussed previously soon after CentOS 5.0 was released.  The 
> upstream distribution changed root from using vim (with syntax 
> highlighting) to using vi.  With the 4.X versions root was using vim.  
> The 5.X configuration is:
> [root at bend ~]# which vi
> /bin/vi
> [dave at bend ~]# which vi
> vi:      aliased to vim
> [dave at bend ~]# which vim
> /usr/bin/vim
In theory, programs in /bin are statically linked, so they work even 
when you have library issues going on.  Anyway, just use the vim command 
explicitly or add alias vi=vim to your ~root/.profile