[CentOS] Re: Python 2.4 on CentOS4?

Tue Mar 11 20:01:52 UTC 2008
Eric B. <ebenze at hotmail.com>

"Eric B." <ebenze at hotmail.com> wrote in message 
news:fr6o2t$5jf$1 at ger.gmane.org...
> Hi,
> Has anyone managed to find a Python 2.4 rpm binary that can be installed 
> on CentOS4?  I'm running CentOS4.6 and an application that I want to use 
> required python 2.4 or greater.  All the CentOS/RHEL4 python rpms that I 
> find are all for python 2.3.  I can't seem to find anything that works 
> with CentOS4 libs.

Ok - I may have been a little quick to post this.  I finally found Python 
2.4 on python.org (don't know why i couldn't find it the first time I 
checked there).

However, it doesn't upgrade python 2.3, but installs alongside.

If I try to upgrade python 2.3 to 2.4, am I just asking for trouble?