[CentOS] KOrganizer problems

Wed Mar 12 17:07:58 UTC 2008
Anne Wilson <cannewilson at googlemail.com>

On Wednesday 12 March 2008 16:29, Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2008 02:11, Craig White wrote:
> > You *might* want to move ~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer (with it not
> > running of course), and then start it up, and it will create all new
> > calendar file. Then you can 'open' the local file (it's an 'ics' file,
> > something like std.ics in that folder).
> >
> > perhaps you can open it separately, or import that file into your new
> > calendar.
> It was worth a try.  I got the new calendar, imported the old one - nothing
> had changed.  Then I went back to the laptop.  I deleted the old connection
> and started a new one - this is a samba mounted file.  Everything looked
> fine until it needed to reload, when I got an Access Denied.  Nothing has
> changed.
> This is driving me crazy.  I've been accessing my diary this way for years.
> Maybe it's time for a bug report on the kontact 3.5.9 suite.

It seems not.  The problem must be  on this, the CentOS server.  I set up my 
old server, recently retired and running Mandriva 2007.1, and pointed it to 
the diary on this box.  It loaded, once, when I first set it up, but will not 
refresh, and I cannot write to it.  Just as on the laptop, I get Access 

What else can I check?  Let me run through again so that you can see if I 
missed anything.

The problems started when I changed the passwords on the server. 

The organizer is samba mounted.  My home directory containing the diary is 
mounted on the desktop of the laptop, and samba is performing perfectly.  I 
can navigate to the file, therefore the correct samba password is being 
passed when I log in.  Smb4k can also allow access to the file.

If I use the desktop mount to navigate to the file I can Preview in 
Korganizer - and it is up to date, which the displayed version within Kontact 
is not.

There is  nothing new in setroubleshooter.

/var/log/samba/ - every log written to today has been examined - nothing about 
a failed connection.

fail2ban was recently installed - no notifications of any kind have been 
received (I don't know whether local access would be covered).

I can't find any log in /var/log/ that gives any clue.

I'm absolutely stumped.  I depend so much on korganizer.