[CentOS] Overland Arcvault 12 and sequential/random settings

Thu Mar 13 16:34:15 UTC 2008
Max Hodgson <max at mjhodgson.co.uk>

I use Dell 124T tape loaders with Centos. The controlling device on mine is
separate to the data device.


I use:

$> mtx -f /dev/sg1 status

But for writing to tape:

$> tar cvf /dev/st0 /etc

I think the dmesg told me which device to use to control.


On 13/03/2008, Scott R. Ehrlich <scott at mit.edu> wrote:
> My unit's firmware: library 05.03, tape d22h, shows the device as set to
> random mode. But mtx -f /dev/st0 status gives an error that google says
> the device is in sequential mode.  dmesg|grep -i hp does reflect CentOS
> thinks the device is a sequential unit.
> I've tried this with Fedora 8, too, and both show the same, so it is
> either an issue with CentOS/Fedora RPMs, or the version of MTX?
> I'm going to try a simple install of Ubuntu next and see if there is any
> difference.
> Is this a bug with the firmware, or with my setup?
> I have rebooted the tape drive and machine several times.
> I have the drive connected to an Adaptec 29160.
> I have another identical drive on another system, with a library firmware
> of d21h, tape firmware 04.04, and that works perfectly with mtx, though it
> is connected to a different SCSI card.
> Thanks for any help/insights.
> Scott
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