RE: [CentOS] Recommendations for a “real RAID" 1 card on Centos box

Fri Mar 14 13:08:39 UTC 2008
Therese Trudeau <mswotr at>

>>> You can turn on write back caching if you have a UPS as well
>>>  (provided your UPS is wired into your system for a graceful shutdown)
>> Hopefully you have a redundant PS unit. Having a UPS is not going to
>> help if your PS fails.
> redundant power supplies connected to redundant UPS's.   I've seen more 
> UPS failures than I've ever had failed PSUs on proper server grade hardware.

This might be getting a bit elaborate for a desktop machine.  I really want RAID because
I'm tired every couple years of hard drive crashes and having to start from scratch and
spending a week setting up new drives and getting my design software back on line and trying
to recover data.

What do you think of alternative back up systems, such as a tape backup with
bare metal restore software?  I'd go that route instead if I could fine a solution which
would allow me to restore to different hardware, i.e. if my motherboard dies
and I need to buy a different brand or model MB.  I know Storix back up software 
has this capability - I use storix on my Linux server with RAID 1.  @ home I have
one Linux and one Windows desktop machine.

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