[CentOS] Recommendations for a "real RAID" 1 card on Centos box

Fri Mar 14 14:48:21 UTC 2008
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

Therese Trudeau wrote:
> > You are definitely making your life more difficult then is needed
> > for a desktop machine.
> > 
> > You said you have 4 hard disks. Make a software RAID1 out of the
> > first two. Make a software RAID1 out of the second two and your
> > good to go.
> > 
> > You can use dump/restore to backup the logical volumes on the second
> > RAID set to an LV on the first.
> > 
> > No need for bare metal restore. Just need to get some working Linux
> > distro to be able to read your files.
> > 
> > Going HW RAID for your desktop is going to get in the way of you
> > getting things going and if your HW RAID card fails then what? Your
> > drives will only work with another identical HW RAID card.
> > 
> > -Ross
> That makes total sense Ross, I think I may end up going with software
> raid and investing in a good hot swap redundant power supply that
> would fit into an ATX case, combined with a good UPS.
> That brings up a last question on possiblity of either a 3ware or
> acrea RAID 1 cards.  I'm wondering how long I would be able to order
> a replacement RAID card from either of 3ware or areea. Anyone know
> if 3ware or acrea stock identical replacement cards for their SATA
> 4 port raid cards for several years out?  Do they stock past the
> three year warranty period?

The problem with this is if you buy the previous generation card
because it's cheap and vendors stop selling it then you may be


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