RE: [CentOS] Recommendations for a “real RAID" 1 card on Centos box

Fri Mar 14 16:31:37 UTC 2008
Therese Trudeau <mswotr at>

> What do you think of alternative back up systems, such as a tape 
>> backup with
>> bare metal restore software?  I'd go that route instead if I could fine a solution which
>> would allow me to restore to different hardware, i.e. if my motherboard dies
>> and I need to buy a different brand or model MB.  I know Storix back up software 
>> has this capability - I use storix on my Linux server with RAID 1.  @ home I have
>> one Linux and one Windows desktop machine.
> raid is no substitute for backup, raid is strictly for maintaining 24/7 
> uptime in the face of hardware failures, which is total overkill for 
> your desktop.
> Skip RAID entirely.... Instead, get some external USB drives.  on the 
> linux machine, use 'dump' or 'tar' or whatever in a script to make 
> backups, on the windows machine, get and use Acronis DiskImage, which 
> has a bare metal restore from a bootable CD-R you can build.
> build the windows system so the c: 'system' drive is only about 30-40GB, 
> plenty big enough for the OS plus all your mainstream applications 
> (adobe, etc), and use a D: drive for /all/ your data, including your 
> user account profile.   this way the bare metal restore only has to 
> restore said C:, and you can use incremental datafile oriented backup 
> techniques for the D: 'data' drive.
> do much the same with linux, a modest / and a seperate /home

OK this sounds great.  My only questions here are, with Acronis DiskImage and or 
other vendors, if my motherboard/graphic card combo fails, could I migrate to
a different model motherboard/graphic card combo?  Also can one  
Acronis DiskImage package (or other vendors) do bare metal restore
on both Linux boxes and Windows boxes, so I could use the same 
bare metal restore package on both machines?
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