[CentOS] Firefox 3

Sun Mar 16 09:48:11 UTC 2008
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>

Johnny Hughes a écrit :
> This implementation changes the way pango, cario, and a new thing called 
> xul-runner interact with several gnome things ... it is also tied to a 
> newer version of nss ... which requires other system components to be 
> rebuilt.
I gave it a go anyway, and the result is very convincing. I grabbed an 
SRPM from FC8, and here's the results:

BuildRequires: hunspell(-devel), xulrunner(-devel), 

Requires: hunspell, xulrunner.

I'm using XFCE, not GNOME, so it didn't get more complicated than that.

The only thing I had to adjust was commenting every occurrence of 
Fedora's system-bookmarks package, which is both a build and install 
requirement, in firefox3.spec.

I have a personal checklist of unnerving bugs for Firefox 1.5.x, Firefox 
2.x, Seamonkey 1.1.x and Opera, which more or less forced me to install 
at least two web browsers (Seamonkey and Opera) to be able to use all my 
favourite web sites and web apps. Things like writing a very long page 
in a SPIP interface, launching a video on Youtube and immediately 
pressing the Back button, visiting the badly scripted site of the French 
employment agency, and so on.

Firefox 3.0beta passes all these tests without any single crash or other 
misbehaviour, so I just adopted it and got rid of the other browsers. 
Guess I'll install it on our production machines this week.

Funny thing: the development version isn't called Firefox, but 
Minefield, as a reminder of the "beta" quality of the software. The 
Firefox developers have a nice sense of humor. Check out what you see 
when you click on the "About" menu item: