[CentOS] Un Installing a hard drive in a Centos 5.1 box

Sun Mar 16 22:38:43 UTC 2008
Pam Astor <pamastor at yahoo.com>

> When I physically removed the drive and restarted the PC, centos would
> not boot up and went into a kernel panic.  I'm sure I'm supposed to
> somehow unmount the thing before I do this, and that's my question - how
> do I un-install the hard drive - software wise - so that on next boot
> up, centos don't go crazy looking for it?

If the machine panics at boot time, there is a good chance that you
installed with LVM and its got both the drives into one volume. You will
need to reinstall that second harddrive, then work out the process of
shrinking the filesystem down to only 1 drive, then remove the second
drive. The scope of this work might be too much for an email, so I can
best point you at the LVM HowTo. There are also some good lvm tips in
the CentOS5 docs ( http://www.centos.org/docs/5/ )

OK this is what I have when I run mount - does it appear that
I have both drives on one volume?:

		@page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in }
		P { margin-bottom: 0.08in }
	/dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00 on /
type ext3 (rw)
proc on /proc type proc (rw)
sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw)
devpts on /dev/pts type devpts
/dev/sda1 on /boot type ext3 (rw)
tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs (rw)
none on /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc type
binfmt_misc (rw)
sunrpc on /var/lib/nfs/rpc_pipefs type
rpc_pipefs (rw)

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