[CentOS] DRBD question.

Mon Mar 17 21:13:14 UTC 2008
Gary Richardson <gary.richardson at gmail.com>

I think the last time I did it, I got the tarball. I either did an rpmbuild
-ta on it, or there was an rpm target in the makefile.

Regardless, I ended up with two RPM's -- a kernel module and the tools. On
any systems that had different kernels, I had to recompile to get the kernel

On Mon, Mar 17, 2008 at 1:40 PM, Steve Campbell <campbell at cnpapers.com>

> I'm going to have to be a little vague on this one, but hope I provide
> enough to make the question clear. I'm not doing the work on this
> server, a co-worker is, but I said I would ask for him.
> He is trying to get DRBD installed. He's using Centos 5.1 and the yum
> repos, but is getting problems with things like the kernel, drbd.so, and
> the likes. All install fine, but I'm not sure he is getting the proper
> kernel with the drbd stuff. Almost sounds like he needs a dev rpm from
> somewhere because drbd.so isn't on the machine after installing the
> RPMs. (Can't do the insmod drbd.so).
> Does anyone have a quick and easy(?) step by step to get it installed?
> He'll figure out the config if he can get it installed properly. Right
> now, he's running from source OK, but you all know the arguements for
> source versus rpm.
> Thanks for any help. I'll try and get caught up on what he's doing to
> better answer any questions presented.
> Steve Campbell
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