[CentOS] Frustration with yum

Mon Mar 24 18:59:59 UTC 2008
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Sam Drinkard wrote:
>> One is from the kbs repo, and one is from rpmforge. Mostly, you're
>> mixing similar packages from different repositories. This is a bad
>> thing, and the  reason for the existence of priorities, and
>> protectbase plugins, as well as include/exclude statements on a per
>> repository basis.
> Thanks for pointing that out.  I had not even noticed the differences.  
> When I installed clamav and everything, I let yum do it, so I just 
> assumed it would pull in all the right pieces.  I know not to mix 
> repositories, so I'm at a loss how this happened.  I assume now I have 
> to install the correct clamav package and clamav-db?  What would best 
> practices do - remove the earlier version and start over?  It's been 
> quite a while since I did any stuff on the machine, as it just runs and 
> works as it's supposed to do, but I see now I need to start playing 
> catch-up.

I'd make sure all the 3rd party repos are disabled in their 
/etc/yum.repos.d files, do an 'rpm -e ...' of any questionable packages, 
then do a 'yum --enablerepo=reponame install package1 package2...' so 
you can group the specific sets together from the same repo.  That 
doesn't guarantee it will come out right but at least it gives a hint 
about what you want to happen.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell at gmail.com