[CentOS] Re: new CentOS5.1, samba help requested

Wed Mar 26 18:23:59 UTC 2008
Ray Leventhal <centos at swhi.net>

> With user level security you can't connect to different shares as 
> different users, so if you remove the 'public' from the home section 
> (as you probably should) and let people connect as themselves, they 
> will have to also connect as themselves to the public shares.

And now that I"ve done that, I can't seem to use the samba shares at 
all.  Trying to browse to \\ (the samba server), after 
having logged in to my local workstation, I get the dreaded Windows 
login box into which I type my un/pw.  It pops back with 
<MACHINENAME>/ray and a blank password for me to try and re-authenticate.

Any thoughts on this?