[CentOS] A few questions regarding CentOS (5.0)

Thu Mar 27 06:28:03 UTC 2008
Morten Nilsen <morten at runsafe.no>

D Steward wrote:
>> - Why does the screen flicker on and off several times during boot and 
>> when logging in?
> I presume you mean when logging in at the console, the fonts look a bit
> glitchy and flickery at times.

no, that's not it.. the monitor goes into power off mode - the LED turns 

> I don't see it now, in any case, since I login via ssh and dont need to
> be at the console.

Yes, I do that too.. but each time I actually need to use the console, 
this annoys me to no end..

>> - When I chose a pure console environment, without any X11 stuff, why 
>> did a bunch of gnome packages get installed?
> As strange as it may seem, some apps which are supposedly text-only,
> have dependencies based on the gnome libs.
> I can't remember the offending packages offhand, but I don't really care
> much since disk-space is so cheap.

Well, sure.. But on the other hand, it is nice to keep bloat down.

>> - Is it possible to get a php-mssql package? -I need this if I'm going 
>> to use CentOS at work..
> There is no default rpm for centos5, but one exists for Fedora.

I am aware of this fact, which is why I asked for CentOS to add a 
php-mssql package..