[CentOS] portmap not answering

Thu Mar 27 13:47:23 UTC 2008
Fajar Priyanto <fajarpri at cbn.net.id>

On Thursday 27 March 2008 19:31:16 Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> CentOS 5 updated, Xen host.
> The portmap on this machine is somehow "stuck" and I can't figure out why.
> I enabled it to be able to mount a remote nfs share. The first hurdle was
> that "portmap" didn't appear in the chkconfig list, it was installed with
> the initial packages but not added to chkconfig. Took me a while to figure
> this out. Adding and starting it up is no problem. But nfs still doesn't
> work and when I try rpcinfo -p that just hangs until it finally times out
> after a long while (rpcinfo to another machine is fine). An strace at that
> time indeed shows that it is stuck trying to connect to port 111 on
> localhost. Same when I try to connect with telnet. Port 111 shows up on
> lsof UDP and TCP and there's no error when portmap starts up. There's
> nothing in iptables or hosts.deny that could prevent a connect. SELinux is
> permissive.
> What could block those connects?

Would it be ok if you paste the result of iptables -nL here?
Just to make sure.
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