[CentOS] Postfix - Maildir - MySQL - Cyrus Imap - Sieve

Thu Mar 27 16:37:50 UTC 2008
mouss <mouss at netoyen.net>

Tom Brown wrote:
>>> I would like to use the above config, i think.
>>> Can cyrus-imap work nicely with Maildir ? If so is there one 
>>> available thats configured with msql support?
>>> In the past i have used courier-imap but ideally i want to use sieve
>> if it's just for sieve, you can use dovecot. it's mostly "compatible" 
>> with courier.
> hi - yes what i am trying to get working is server-side mail filtering 
> and in the past with exim i have used cyrus with sieve. Can you tell 
> me what dovecot will offer me to achieve this over courier?

you must make your mind :)

if all you want is "server-ide filtering", then use maildrop which is 
part of the courier suite. since you already have courier working, 
adding maildrop should be trivial (it uses courier authdaemon). maildrop 
is flexible (more flexible than sieve since you can call external 
programs/scripts) and uses a pcre syntax (which is also more flexible 
and more generic than sieve, but is also more readable than procmail