[CentOS] Installing Postfix/Dovecot

Fri Mar 28 09:29:06 UTC 2008
Morten Torstensen <morten at mortent.org>

Giulio Troccoli wrote:
> I have tried both mail and Thunderbird. mail of course doesn't work 
> because it read from /var/spool/mail while postfix puts the email in 
> Maildir. However I would have thought that I could download the emails 
> with Thunderbird (on my laptop).

I have a similar setup, but I use mbox instead of Maildir. I keep my 
inbox in /var/spool/mail and have my folders in ~/Mail. I can use 
Thunderbird (or any client) through dovecot and mail (or mutt etc) 
locally. Squirrelmail is also happy with this setup.