[CentOS] Re: questions on kickstart

Fri Mar 28 20:32:40 UTC 2008
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

Jerry Geis wrote:
> part of my kickstart file is now:
> clearpart --all --initlabel
> part --ondisk=sda raid.01 --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="raid" --onpart=sda1 --size=20000
> part --ondisk=sda swap    --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="swap" --onpart=sda2 --size=4000
> part --ondisk=sda raid.02 --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="raid" --onpart=sda3 --size=1     --grow
> part --ondisk=sdb raid.03 --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="raid" --onpart=sdb1 --size=20000
> part --ondisk=sdb swap    --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="swap" --onpart=sdb2 --size=4000
> part --ondisk=sdb raid.04 --asprimary --bytes-per-inode=4096 --fstype="raid" --onpart=sdb3 --size=1     --grow
> raid /     --bytes-per-inode=4096 --device=md0 --fstype="ext3" --level=1 
> raid.01 raid.03
> raid /home --bytes-per-inode=4096 --device=md1 --fstype="ext3" --level=1 
> raid.02 raid.04
> I changed the config to use --ondisk above and at install I get a 
> message saying:
> "Unable to locate partition sda1 to use for ."
> Press OK to reboot your system.
> The above is the correct message. I did not leave any words out.
> It looks good to me. What might I have wrong?
> sda works just fine when not installing RAID.

I think you might be missing a little something in there, like /boot?


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