[CentOS] Tunning EAP-TTLS with PAP

Tue May 6 13:33:26 UTC 2008
Sergio Belkin <sebelk at gmail.com>

I have a freeradius server that is working well in  university. We use
EAP-TTLS and PAP protocols. Users from Windows can use Securew2. Users
from Linux and Mac OS X luckily have native support for EAP-TTLS and
PAP. (if you think is Off Topic, keep reading on). On Ubuntu I can use
the nm-applet for setting the connection up. But I'd want to find a
way to automatize it, that it finds the TTLS certificate and verifies
the server name (I didn't see this feature in Linux). Could you help
me to do this? (What tools/apps and file config should I look?)

Thanks in advance!

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