[CentOS] Yum + priorities plugin question

Wed May 7 14:54:11 UTC 2008
jleaver+centos at reachone.com <jleaver+centos at reachone.com>

Hello all!

I've recently started using the priorities plugin as part of my best
practices.  It's very effective, and prevents nasty things from
happening (like atrpms upgrading python and disabling yum.)

I'm wondering if there's a simple and elegant way to allow
package-name-based exclusions.  For example:  For my mysql cluster, I'd
prefer to have the latest mysql and mysql-server packages which I can
get from utterramblings (Thanks Jason!), however, to do so while using
the priorities plugin, I'd need to make that repo an equal priority with
base, so that it'll upgrade.

I've worked around the problem by creating a duplicate repo with the
exceptions as an includepkg and a priority equal to that of base, but it
seems less than elegant, and I know it results in double the internet
traffic for the repo mirror, which is less than friendly.

Does anyone know if there's a more elegant way to deal with this issue,
or might this be an appropriate feature request for the plugin developer?


Jacob Leaver
Sr. System Administrator
ReachONE Internet