[CentOS] has something happened to grep

Fri May 16 10:32:18 UTC 2008
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Hi all,

when I do a "grep JERRY *.h" nothing is returned which is what I expect.
This is in my source directory...
when I do a "grep JERRY *" every file is returned an a line printed even 
though there is no JERRY on the line.
Then if I do a "grep JERRY *.c" just the 4 lines that have JERRY are 

This is what is prints for "grep JERRY *"

src# grep JERRY * | more
grep: JERRY: No such file or directory
access_manager_help.htm:<FONT COLOR="#CCCCCC"> </FONT>

so why is is skipping JERRY as the search item?
The name JERRY is not the problem I can do this with any name and the 
same happens when searching all file "*".