[CentOS] ndiswrapper and 4K stacks problem (system freezes)

Sat May 17 13:35:23 UTC 2008
Timothy Kesten <centos-lst at gmx.de>

Hi Folks,

I'm trying tio install WLAN - USB - Stick Netgear WG111v3.

ndiswrapper -i wg111v3 


I can see ndiswrapper -l

	wg111v3: driver installed
	device (0846:4260) present

But after modprobe ndiswrapper the system freezes.

Troublshooting on ndiswrapper-sites says:

It's a problem of "kernel is using 4K stacks (CONFIG_4KSTACKS)"

Solution: recompile the kernel.

That's no good solution. 
Is there a knowing "CentOS-like" solution for this problem?