[CentOS] Failed boot drive

Thu May 22 14:42:21 UTC 2008
Dean Maluski <dmaluski at n1ety.com>

Unclear on how to recover from failed boot drive?
SDA has failed but I'm still able to boot.
I need to replace primary boot drive. Upon initial build I created a
RAID 1 mirror of /boot dir/partition.
How do I get system to boot off second or third drive so that I can
replace /sda?
I've successfully replaced /sdb & sdc raid 5 drives in the past but have
always struggled to get primary boot drive replaced.
Read HOWTO's in the past but it's been an unsuccessful pain and
eventually just did a full rebuild.

I just read another HOWTO and as confused as I was several months ago,
nothing on getting system to boot from alternate drive.