[CentOS] memorial day kernel panic

Mon May 26 18:13:27 UTC 2008
sbeam <sbeam at onsetcorps.net>

I have a simple Tyan server with RAID1 on a 3ware 7002 that has been running 
updated Centos 5.1 for almost 3 weeks with no problem, it runs low-traffic 
Apache/PHP/mySQL and vsftpd sites exclusively - last night it crashed. The 
console showed something about a process named 'php' and gave a process id 
with the panic message, but that's all I can remember. Hard-rebooted and all 
was well...
Then about 55 minutes later I was logged in with ssh and it froze. Another fun 
holiday trip back to the datacenter. This time I brought a camera, but found 
a message totally different - this seems more like a ext3/disk problem? 


the logs contain nothing unusual. I have set up a script to do a vmstat/ps 
dump every 10 minutes. Anything else advised by this kernel dump or places to 

Thanks much-