[CentOS] Problem accessing to Windows Terminal Server in load balancing.

Wed May 28 08:54:22 UTC 2008
ArcosCom Linux User <linux at arcoscom.com>

Hi guys, I have this configuration:


The linux's bridges are for wifi purposes (2 centos machines) and is
working fine.

The problem I have is that the TS are 3 windows TS in load balancing
configuration. There is 1 IP for general purposes and every TS has its own
For example, the configuration is:  TS1  TS2  TS3 (TS server IP for load balancing)

The problem I encountered is that every PC into the LAN has access from
the LAN to every TS (tested with ping), but them have no access to the IP
for load balancing.

I observed that all TSn IP's has their ARP entry in the ARP table, but the
IP for load balancing not.

How can I solve this problem at the bridge level? I think that there is
something that the bridges are filtering and perhaps is because the TS
load balancing software uses various "virtual macs" for the load balancing

Perhaps I must change any /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/<dev>/ file to bypass
this filter, I'm thinking in "arp_ignore", put a "1" into it, but is a
production environment and I don't want to loss the access to the devices.

Any help?