[CentOS] DVD reader: Hardware problem or OS glitch?

Fri May 2 11:12:16 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lannyma at gmail.com>

On 01 May 2008, John jses27 at gmail.com  wrote:

>Puzzling, maybe just get a new dvd drive.

Probably that's the solution 

>Would be interesting to know if when he accesses Win$ (Double Clicks
>MyComputer) if the system crashes or when he double clicks on the dvd
>drive in mycomputer would be a big indicator of the drive being bad or
>if it takes a long time to access the drive. All the icons on the
>desktop will dissapear when it crashes. 

Works perfectly in M$ Windows XP. Insert a DVD and it auto mounts and the contents are 
shown on the screen. No crashes. No delays. Clicking on the DVD drive in MyComputer
works perfectly. The contents of the DVD are then shown.

>Another thing Right Click on My Computer Select Manage and look at the
>logs for the dvd drive in question. You should see errors there if it's
>bad. Also like someone else said it will only auto mount on a user
>account and not root. 

MS Windows Logs do not seem to have anything bad. It will not auto mount on my user
account on CentOS 5.

>If it's not any of the above get a new drive.

Probable cause: Auto Mount of a DVD in the Teac DV-516D DVD/CD reader is not supported in the Kernel in CentOS 5
(or the Kernel on the Knoppix Live Disk v. 5.1.1); OR, there is something, somewhere, in CentOS 5
causing it not to auto mount a DVD when logged in as a regular user. A DVD can be mounted, manually, via the command
line, without any problem. I believe the drive is working properly. Eventually, I will buy a DVD burner for that box. Thanks to everyone who participated
in this thread and gave me things to try! If the same (unknown) thing is preventing auto mount of a DVD in an HP box Mike has,that might be interesting to Upstream
as well as CentOS.