[CentOS] Archive-to-DVD

Fri May 2 17:36:35 UTC 2008
MHR <mhullrich at gmail.com>

On Fri, May 2, 2008 at 9:41 AM, David Mackintosh
<David.Mackintosh at xdroop.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
>  Here's the situation.  I have a group of engineers who love to save
>  things to disk.  Now that the filer is getting full, they are
>  interested in archiving some of those things to DVD.
>  The tress containing the things they want to archive are specified
>  like so:
>  /path/path/path/A/04??
>  /path/path/path/B/04??
>  /path/path/path/A/05??
>  /path/path/path/B/05??
>  /path/path/path/A/06??
>  /path/path/path/B/06??
>  ...and there are things in A and B which do not match the specifications.
>  The total amount of data in this specificaiton is around 30GB, and this is not
>  distributed equally through the specification.
>  What I'm hoping for is a program that I can feed in directory
>  specifications like the above, and it will produce for me DVD images
>  (.iso files) containing these trees in such a format that when the
>  engineers want file $X, I can give them the DVD (or the whole stack,
>  if required) and say "there you go" without having to go through a
>  restore process.
>  I don't want something which creates it's own archive format which
>  spans the DVDs (ie split-tar or ufsdump).
>  I would settle for a program that produces a list of files such that I
>  can create DVD images on my own.
>  Does anyone have any ideas how I might go about doing this, before I
>  roll my own solution?

For requirements as specific as you list above, I'm guessing that the
fastest solution is to roll your own - a relatively simple shell
script should do the trick.