[CentOS] USB Wireless NIC

Sat May 3 03:57:30 UTC 2008
bruce <bedouglas at earthlink.net>


cant's speak for centos...

but i'm running fedora 8 on a toshiba laptop, running x86_64 and i'm using
madwifi, with a usb linksys wifi and it works like a champ.

i'm not using netmanager, or ndiswrapper.. just madwifi, and the regular net
system/configuration app...


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--- "Joseph L. Casale" <jcasale at ActiveNetwerx.com>

> Can anyone vouch for a usb wifi nic that works under
> CentOS 5.1 reliably with good reception?

Of course, you will need to do an ndiswrapper install.

I've succeeded with the Netgear wg111t usb wifi, but
only with a 32 bit kernel. Check the ndiswrapper
sourceforge homepage for full selection of supported


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