[CentOS] Problem mounting failed drive.

Sun May 4 14:15:53 UTC 2008
Andrew @ ATM Logic <atmlogic at kmts.ca>

> > Anyhow I rebuilt a 2nd server, and tested and notice the 
> same, even on 
> > a working systems I cannot mount the drives in another system....??
> It may help if you showed what you actually do.
> Kai

I wish I had the energy to do that, spent 8 hours on it already.

If someone knows why I cannot mount (a basic IDE, Single NON-Raid) hda2 or
hdc2 drive in any other version of Linux (or windows... Really not picky
anymore) or how to export the entire contents of hda2 or hdc2 when mounted
with "text rescue" to maybe FTP or how to connect to the box with SSH?  That
would be great 

Other than that... I spent 8 hrs Googleing, editing Grub, copied /boot from
a working system to /boot of the failed system, ran fsck on /dev/hda1,
edited fstab to show hda1 not md1 (no idea why the ... It thinks it's a
raid...), ran fdisk changed file system to 83 (Linux) from Auto detect raid.
Good chance I may have screwed up something that may have otherwize worked,
however... As far as I can see I am no further behind.  I can still mount
and see my data with "text rescue" and the only thing I moved was going from
a NON working system with a Grub Error 25, to a system that boots with a
Kennel panic 22.  As mentioned, I have the system up and running now (on a
new drive) with the old drive "installed, but not mounted".