[CentOS] Re: Slightly OT? - How do I set up Win98 to access a printer on my CentOS box?

Sun May 4 23:26:16 UTC 2008
Scott Silva <ssilva at sgvwater.com>

on 5-2-2008 11:11 AM MHR spake the following:
> I have a WinXP guest under VMWare on my CentOS 5.1 host and it can
> access the CentOS printer(s) just fine.
> However, I also have a Win98 box on the LAN that I would like to be
> able to print on the CentOS printer.  When I try to connect to the
> printer, Win98 tells me that it can't find the network...?
> Any suggestions?
> (This "slightly" really is - it _is_ directly related to CentOS,
> unlike my previous FC8 post....)
> Thanks.
> mhr
Can the win98 box resolve the Centos host in any way?

Remember that older lanman clients can only see smb names of 12 characters and 

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