[CentOS] Way OT Re: OT- Re: ext3 filesystems larger than 8TB

Mon May 5 22:49:28 UTC 2008
Ross S. W. Walker <rwalker at medallion.com>

Ahm, it wasn't money that influenced the OJ case, it was, race, coupled with
incompetence on the side of the prosecution.

Now if Reiser had kept his mouth shut he might have just been acquitted. He
had a good attorney, that attorney gave him sound advise and he chose
to ignore it anyways.

I also believe if he had confessed to what happened he would have received
manslaughter, though after the cover up he would have gotten the max
sentence plus obstruction of justice and God knows what else, but still less
than first degree.


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on 5-5-2008 3:24 PM John R Pierce spake the following:
> Ross S. W. Walker wrote:
>> No doubt!
>> The worse part is I don't believe it was premeditated. I think she came
>> over to drop off the kids and told him oh by the way I'm taking the
>> children to live with me in Russia, at that point he went into a fit of
>> anger and threw here against the pillar causing a fatal head injury.
> I followed the trial blogs day by day on the SF Chronicle site.     His 
> wife was very close to gaining her US medical license (she had been a 
> doctor in Russia), had lined up a good job, and various other 
> indications of planning for a long term life here, nothing indicating 
> any plans to leave for Russia.


The fact that he could be convicted with little to no real evidence, but 
someone like O.J. Simpson could be acquitted with what seemed like a smoking 
gun still in his hands just shows how money makes the law go away in the US.


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