Subject: [CentOS] "yum update" did not update kernel on one box

Tue May 6 14:06:37 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lannyma at>

On 03 May 2008, Kai Schaetzl <maillists AT> wrote:
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?Date: Sat, 03 May 2008 16:31:50 +0200
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>Lanny Marcus wrote on Sat, 3 May 2008 07:28:10 -0500:
> Linux compaq1300.HOMELAN 2.6.18-8.el5

>Ok. I just asked because you never mentioned you had actually checked. 
>Just a kernel missing when you update is not proof ;-)
>I see that you have priority protections in place. Disable all your
>extra repos, then disable the protections (basically go back to your
>inital repo setup) and then do a check-update. You are using the
>mirrorlist and not a specific CentOS mirror, do you?

Kai: This is a follow on to my prior reply to this. I removed the
plugins=1 line in /etc/yum.conf and I removed 6 repositories. Then, I
did "yum clean all" and got "Cleaning up Everything". Then, I did "yum
update" and got, "No packages marked for update/obsoletion". Then, "yum
update kernel" and got "No Packages marked for Update/Obsoletion". Then
the yum.conf file type is shown as Cisco VPN Settings, so I couldn't
open/view it with a text editor. 

The last thing I did was to copy these files on my box and replace the
files on my wife's box with my files: (a) etc/yum/folder (b)
etc/yum.repos.d (c) /etc/yum.conf file

Same problem.

It is as if there is a YUM or RPM database, somewhere, that believes the
Kernel has been updated, and it has not been updated?

I find it very hard to believe that the Kernel was in fact updated, but
that it is still shown as the original Kernel that was on the CentOS5
Install DVD.

So, this continues to be a an unsolved mystery, but not like the
ReiserFS guy.  :-)

>BTW: I notice that your mail is missing any threading information, so
>that it doesn't thread at all. I see that other people who use Gmail do
>get the threading information, so there's probably some option not
>activated in your Gmail account.

I changed the setting for my subscription to the CentOS Mailing list,
from the Daily Digest to Individual messages.  This reply is to your
message that was in the Digest I received Sunday morning. In the future,
I will be replying to individual messages (using Gmail on the web or
with Evolution), so, hopefully, the threading will be better, if not
perfect. Gmail doesn't use Folders, they use Labels, and I don't have
that working on the web yet, but I can move the CentOS messages into the
CentOS Label in Evolution and because it's IMAP, they get moved into the
CentOS Label on the web too. Something else for me to check out, but
that's on the Gmail web site somewhere and will be much easier to cure
than this mystery about the kernel update on one box.

All of your ideas about the problem updating the Kernel in my wife's box
are very much appreciated! I believe now that when I updated the Kernel
(and 2 other packages) on my box and on my daughter's box, it was with
PUP and then later, I did a "yum update" to update everything else on
those boxes. 

If there is some place I can check in a yum database or RPM database on
her box, to verify the kernel version that's really installed (probably
the original one), please let me know where that is. Thanks much! Lanny